Price drop FS Bad Cat Black Cat 30R 1x12 Combo

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Hi all,

As is our way something has come up that I really want and something must make way to enable me to buy said amp. 

The Bad Cat Black Cat 30r 1x12 combo is an absolutely top quality take on a AC30 but as I am sure anyone who has used one will tell you it’s a marked difference. The quality is second to non, sound wise it’s a monster. It does scream and shout but using the guitars volume control opens up so many classic sounds. 

This is a 2014 model with the K master Volume system so unlike AC30’s you can use them properly anywhere, including at home. 

I also bought an old Mullard EF86 valve from @ICBM as it’s not microphonic. Also, without sounding like a numpty the old valve sounds better than any of the other options I’ve tried. 

As this is the 1x12 it’s not as heavy as the 2x12 which is about the same weight as a Vauxhall Vectra. However it’s still not light. I would not want to post this amp. I am based in Yorkshire but will drive to meet you. 

Price wise it’s £1200 which is quite a large saving over the price of these new. 

The pictures are on the link because I must have tried 20 times but when using my phone I could not get the pictures to show on the thread, I just got a blank box? 

Anyhow any questions please let me know. 

Trades, unless you happen to have a mid to late 70’s master volume Marshall then it’s unlikely I will be interested. 

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