Gone - FS Yamaha THR100 amp with V30 loaded 12” cab

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The THR is the 100 watt single head version with 6 switchable virtual valve types. Class A / B switch, built in switchable booster, fx loop and Reverb from included footswitch.

The amps switchable voices give you blackface through Vox and Marshall into high gain Mesa territory.
The Cab is a 12” Celestion Vintage 30 loaded Thomann job and sounds just as it should 

Sorry the original packaging is long gone but both in excellent condition

Its a great amp, I’ve had 3 now and it straddles that modeller / real amp market better than any imho but I’ve just gone all in on a rather expensive Tweed amp and need to recoup some cash.

Dont really want to split so to encourage a quick sale shall we say EDIT - now £300  the pair collected from Dorchester ? (Happy drive out a bit of it helps and can post if I really really have to at cost )

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