Pending sold Mesa MK V 25 amp head (further Reduced)

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Pristine condition example of a supremely versatile amp. Covers all styles from shimmering clean to savage high gain. 
2 foot-switchable channels each with 3 modes and a foot-switchable 5 band graphic eq. This amp has limitless tonal options and each channel has selectable 10/25w modes which add there own characters hen selected. Channel 1 has clean/fat/crunch and channel 2 has the fabled mkiiC+, mkiv and Xtreme modes. Channel one is a superb collection of sounds - fat adds width/depth and is great for single coils, crunch is classic rock heaven. Channel two is amazing! MkiiC+ is that great liquid cascading gain which sounds epic, mkiv adds more body and rounder but slightly more compressed sound and ups the gain from high to very high. Xtreme is super saturated low end enhanced chugging goodness!  The switchable 5 band eq is very powerful in regards to tone shaping and makes the amp very versatile. Has built in reverb with separate controls for each channel. Amp has a load compensated direct out with built in cab simulation - quiet practice possible! Oh and there is a headphone socket too! Fx loops is really great and very transparent. 
Condition is superb and not a mark on it - supplied with fitted cover, foot switch and Mesa lead along with power cable. 
Welcome to try prior to purchase - socially distanced option available. No original box so collection preferable. 
Reduced to £1150 as required Friedman amp purchased. May consider trades for Ibanez j custom, suhr modern or certain PRS models

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