Bunch of Marshall amps and cabs for sale

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I only play a THR10 at the moment and I cannot ever see myself gigging again so all of the stuff I've acquired over the years is for sale.

You are welcome to bring your own guitar and/or amp head to test any of it out. I'm near Junction 20 of the M1.

JCM800 2203x £795. JCM900 4102 £395. JCM800 4010 £675. All recently revalved and recapped.  1960TV (British G12M Greenbacks) £295. 425a (Hendrix G12C Greenbacks) £250. Special edition blue 1960a with a mix of 2 x mystery vintage G12H and 2 x G12T75, £250. 1960b (G12-65s) with new grill cloth on its way, £295. Blackstar oversized series 1 (V30s) £250. 

Anyone who buys the 2203 head can have a £50 discount off of the cab of their choice. In fact if you buy one of the combos you can have a £50 discount off of a cab too!

The 4010 has only ever been a house practice amp and so is like new. The 4102 has been gigged a little bit but is clean and tidy. The 2203 head has picked up a few nicks here and there.

If you want to know what the 4010 sounds like (unboosted) put on 'Powerage' by AC/DC. If you want to know what the 2203 sounds like (again unboosted - Campbell only used a boost for live work) put on Holy Diver, although it has to be worked hard to get that tone. At sensible volumes it's like a brighter 50 watter.
Some of the cabs are clean, some are tattier, but all sound superb! The Blackstar is great for metal. Easily the equivalent of the Mesa oversized cab but without the silly price. The blue 1960 is a great do-it-all cab. The TV and the 425 are superb from clean to 80s metal. The TV has some extra thump as you might expect. I don't love greenbacks for high gain but plenty of people do. However they just cannot be beaten for mid-gain in my view. The 1960b cab has seen the most action, and looks like it, but there's new grill cloth on the way which will make it look a lot smarter. I do think that the G12-65 is a particulary good match with the 2203 head.

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