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I have enjoying this with my septavox and for testing pedals and having the odd improtu jam. Very freeing to be on batteries and just be able to make some noise nice and quickly. I have also done a little recording with it great fun and much more interesting than most small amps. Has a lovely tone and can get gritty with a  lovely overdrive. Can get fairly  loud as well. Just really wanna upgrade my recording and mixer situation by selling the things I don't use all the time.

I imported this from new from america with my matching septavox. Comes in excellent condition with box and power adaptor but works with a normal UK TO US adaptor. I will include one if I can find it again.

 I have found a new one for sale for 295 euros from fuzz monster. in the EU. They are now only $175 dollars from the states but about $250 with shipping and tax. SO gonna cost you over £200.

A bit of blurb.

'Created for Third Man Records, the Terz™ amplifier is a hybrid of classic analog amplification circuitry and cutting edge power electronics. It is a portable, loud amp that sounds great while using only four rechargeable ‘AA’ batteries. There are two analog gain/distortion circuits behind the sound of the amp: a low-end silicon diode distortion and and germanium diode distortion for high end crunch. The Terz sounds great with all sound sources: guitar, synthesizer, voice, radio, or records.

– All metal (aluminum) powder coated enclosure.
– 5.0″ x 3.375″ x 7.0″
– Shipping Weight: 3.2 lbs (no batteries)
– 7W amplifier, 4″ diameter speaker
– 1/4″ monophonic input jack
– Three control knobs: Silicon distortion, Germanium distortion, and Volume
– LowHigh Gain Switch

Power: Powered from 4 ‘AA’ batteries (NiMH rechargeable batteries provide maximum volume). When batteries begin to run low, Power Status LED changes from orange to red

Manufactured in USA'

FYI there is no battery door same as the septavox. They just sit snug in there.

Any questions just let me know.




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