SOLD - MAD DOG Mini Tweed 1 watt head and cab

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Mad Dog are perhaps one of the lesser known boutique amp builders and maybe one of Poland’s best kept secrets, but they have a great reputation amongst those who do know about them.

You’ll find them on the web:

This gorgeous little chappie is the 1 watt mini tweed head and is appropriately dressed in Fender style tweed.  The impressive looks aren’t just limited to the exterior though – check out the innards for some very nice quality wiring and build.

The simple layout is designed to give just a great plug and go pure rock / blues tone and features  gain / tone / volume controls on the front and the single speaker out on the back. The 1x10 cab features a Celestion Greenback.

Not a lot more to say – good looking, compact, great for home recording / practise or mic’d up for gigs, beautifully built and sounds awesome.

Comes in superb condition with just a few minor marks to the lovely tweed.

Price: £200 (p&p available at cost)

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