FS Some valves old 6V6s, GE Jan 12AY7, Marshall KT66s

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All pulled from amps and were working perfectly at the time. All look in great condition but have no way to test now. I don;t know much about the older valves. If I have underpriced them then so be it, grab a bargain. If I have overpriced them then I guess they won't sell. 

2 x Marshall KT66s - the stock valves pulled from my old Marshall Astoria Dual combo. Barely used before I tried out other valves in it. £20 PPG posted

SOLD 2 x Billingham Pair 6v6GT valves pulled from a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe clone I bought ages ago. Presumably Russian from the text on the back. No idea if these are worth millions or peanuts. £20 PPG posted 

Jan GE 12AY7 - From the 5E3 I think. Been a while. £40 PPG posted.


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Been uploading old tracks I recorded ages ago and hopefully some new noodles here.
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