FS: Vox AC4HW1 handwired and Diago Little Smasher

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Two amps for sale here.

First is my handwired AC4. Cracking little amp. Just replaced the power valve and HT fuse after it went silent on me and now all is good. V good condition as pictured, with foot switch and cover. NB I have the rest of the screws from the back - just hadn't replaced them after replacing the valve when I took the picture!  Selling because the band I was using it with is sadly no more and I'm only really playing through my Helix for the foreseeable. Here are all the details: https://voxamps.com/product/ac4-hand-wired/

I'm after £350.  Collection from Leeds strongly preferred as I don't really want to box it up. 






Second is something a little smaller - a Diago Little Smasher. Bought this as a backup some years ago and never really used it. Comes with the power supply - I may have a box for it somewhere too.  Here's a review with more details: https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/diago-little-smasher-397167

Again collection from Leeds strongly preferred however this one is easier to post so I could do that I guess.  £40 collected. 





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