Big clearout: Tremvelope, Peacekeeper, Hamstead Trem and more (PRICE DROP)

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Thorpy PeaceKeeper £125
Wonderful low gain pedal - not getting much use as my Minstrel covers the same ground well, but I feel I may regret this sale.
Boxed, great condition.

Pigtronix Tremvelope £120 £115
Interesting and flexible take on the trem pedal.
Boxed, great condition.

Hamstead Signature Analogue Tremolo v2 £170
Lush, amplike and really beautiful sounding. With expression input and gain control. This was the end of my tremolo quest - until I tried Randy's Revenge which scratched that itch (and more)
Boxed, great condition.

Ibanex PDS1 Digital Distortion £75 £50
I've had this pretty much since new, just dug it out of a cupboard. Actually has some pretty decent low gain and fuzzy sounds.  
No box. Couple of dings but works fine.

Fishman Aura AST £150 (moved to › Acoustics £)

El Capistan £210 or £240 with favourites switch
No introduction required, it's the business. 
Boxed with PSU, great condition.
EHX Canyon £80
Great little pedal, super versatile and sounds suprisingly good.
Boxed with PSU, great condition.

ZVEX Instant Lofi Junky (vexter) £160
Lovely moddy gloopiness... lovely.
Boxed, great condition.
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