SOLD Fender Princeton Reverb 1979 Push/Pull Boost

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Fender Princeton Reverb 1979 (with push/pull boost).

Bought from Andy at Angel Music Guitars on Denmark Street in 2015. At the time this had been his touring amp while playing with Edwin Collins.

The amp is in great condition and is clean save for a small blemish on the face plate and a small scuff on the tolex. It doesn't have a reverb/tremolo footswitch but both are working perfectly and I've always just used the front panel to control whether they're on/off. It has been re-capped, see the chassis image, you'll notice the can capacitor is bypassed. I couldn't say for certain whether the work was carried out by JPF amps but I know he shared the shop at Angel Music Guitars at the time. 

I have an Eminence Rajin Cajun 10 inch speaker in at the moment but I also have the original speaker. The Eminence offers greater efficiency and headroom which I preferred.

Despite this being rated at 12 watts this is still a loud amplifier and I don't think I've ever got the volume past 3 when playing with my band. It offers plenty of headroom for pedals too.

No issues, runs quietly, sounds incredible and the only reason I'm selling is because I've not been playing in bands for over a year now and it's not getting used. It's got a much livelier voice than any reissue I've heard/played and at this price it's still a five hundred quid cheaper than Fender's hardwired reissue.

I'd really prefer not to post this but happy to discuss with the buyer if collection isn't an option. If you have any questions, please give me a shout.

Asking for £1,300 £1,200
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