New A Unique Way Of Learning Guitar Online

For 20 years I have taught large adult groups guitar.
 I have developed lots of tips to help people achieve freedom in their playing.

Since lock down I have transferred my skills onto Zoom webinar group sessions.
Its a really hit with my students. They still get to interact and watch each other learn. They still get to jam along with me when i play songs. If anything it is far more productive than face to face.
The online tool isolate the exact parts of the music you want the students to see.

I offer a free video call 121 with people to show them how the process works, then they get a free hour webinar with other students who are matched to their ability. If you decide to continue I offer these lessons for a very small weekly fee. A fraction of a private lesson and you get a full hour.

Anyway if you, or anyone you know is interested, please look at my site and you will see the live session footage and student feedback after sessions

Rock on

Dave mc
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