FS: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 (10" combo) £250

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Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 combo (10" speaker) - £320 £290 £275 £250 (collected or delivery/meet up)
  • owned since new (2013), home use only
  • immaculate condition (see pictures)
  • includes H&K FS-2 footswitch (about £30 if bought separately - the amp doesn't come with this as standard)
  • includes original cover, original printed manual and what I am 99% certain is the original power cable
This is an excellent home-use amp - the power scaling goes from 18w, to 5w, down to 1w, and then nothing if you want to use the XLR out silently. The XLR out is a simplified version of H&K's Red Box and works really well for recording. It's a twin-channel amp that can go from pristine cleans to immense drive, particularly when the footswitchable boost is engaged on the drive channel. It sounds great at home levels. I've not used it properly at rehearsal/gig levels but it's been wound up a couple of times and it goes properly loud. And yet it's tiny! - about 40cm wide and a little more than 30cm tall.

Only selling due to having bought another amp and needing to release a bit of cash. However I might be tempted to trade (with cash as appropriate) for a Yamaha THR100HD.

I don't have a box for this but I'm happy to deliver or meet up within about an hour's drive of Southampton/Winchester - or you're welcome to collect!

Payment on all is PayPal Friends & Family (i.e. what used to be Gift)


SOLD - Celestion G10-45 Creamback (8 ohm) - £58 inc postage - SOLD
  • about 1 year old, home use only
  • UK made
  • excellent condition
I bought this as a replacement speaker for the H&K TM18 above. It's an excellent combination and a definite improvement on the stock speaker - a really nice bit of kit. Includes postage (RM, 2nd class) or if we arrange something in person, I'll knock off £8.

SPECIAL OFFER  - both for £350 £320 (collected or delivery/meet up)
Now, note that the original speaker (a Celestion 10/30) is fitted to the H&K at the moment, which sounds good - but I highly recommend you buy the Celestion G10 Creamback as well, as the amp sounds better with it. And if you do, I will fit it for you and the whole lot is yours for £350 £320 - an excellent deal, if I say so myself.
 (Celestion now sold)

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