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Bad Penny FX Tour Box - Part 1 - Widow

Hi all, so I was in touch with Mark at Bad Penny before the tour box came out and when I saw it was doing the rounds we arranged for it to make its way to me! 

The box is such an awesome idea. A great way for people to touch, feel and smell (the ash enclosures smell lush!!) the pedals before buying. 

So I've done a few videos for the guys, here is the first, the Widow. A cracking drive with a stackable fuzz. Very cool on both bass and guitar. Have a watch, lets start a discussion. 

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  • Fantastic. Great videos mate

    Instagram is Rocknrollismyescape -

    FOR SALE - Catalinbread Echorec, Sonic Blue classic player strat and a Digitech bad monkey


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