FS FENDER -AVRI 52 telecaster 2017- AVRI 62 Stratocaster 2008-Custom Shop 55 Relic 2017

Expensive incoming means something has got to go, 3 guitars on the block, first one to go means remaining 2 are saved 
Prefer collection or meet, i'm in Ely/Cambridge area, obviously social distances, etc, happy to discuss posting
All guitars are complete with original cases, certs, etc, just like new

First up the AVRI 52, this is probably as mint as these get with the easy to damage "thin skin" nitro, can only find 1 very small ding, see pictures, weighs 7lb 11oz-
£1350 ono


Next is something i really don't want to let go, my 2008 AVRI 62 strat, this is absolutely dead mint, as new, shade under 7lb 8oz


Last up my Fender Custom Shop 1955 Heavy Relic Strat, as mint as a heavy relic can be, nice chunky neck on this, very similar to the 52 tele, weighs 7lb 4oz
£2450 ono


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