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Another Coronet build!

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SteveRobinsonSteveRobinson Frets: 5374
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It seems like these are popular all of a sudden so here's my attempt. I'm going for a mid-sixties asymmetric one with the batwing headstock.

Outline cut and pickup cavity routed.

Next is the VERY SCARY round-over. For this I bought a Trend 1/2" chuck router on @GSPBASSES recommendation and a 16mm roundover bit from Wealden.

Note to self: I've just realised it would have been a lot less scary had I used the offcuts (which are the same thickness of course) as a support for the other side of the router base.

I thought the transitions next to the neck would be difficult but the hard bit was the tips of the horns where there isn't a lot of wood to support the rather heavy router. It turned out okay though.

I haven't cut the control cavity yet as I wanted to keep the wood there while I made the round-over. That's the next job, then the neck pocket.

I've got a bit of sanding to do to blend the curves but I'm pretty happy so far.
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