East Anglian GearFest **30Aug or 6SEPT ??**

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Seems like there's a bit of interest/enthusiasm for trying to arrange another GearFest meetup jam & drinking session out here in the far East.

Before we go any further ... can anyone suggest any suitable locations?  Maybe somewhere along the musical corridor between Ipswich and Newmarket that is the A14?  A pub with a function room - a rehearsal space with a pub next door - a studio - anything ??

If we need to pay for it, then so be it.

Something that would be free on a Saturday afternoon & evening.

OK - location could be the Cedars Hotel in Stowmarket.  It would cost us £10/hd   It's available on Sats 30 Aug & 6 Sept.  Which date works for who ...

List of possible attendees for either of the possible dates;

@Monquixote YES YES
@BillKat YES YES
@Jaygtr YES YES

Digging out the list of actual or possible attendees from last year's fest ... who else fancies this year's event, on either of the 2 possible dates??

@ddlooping (bring us a Diaz!!!)

Who else is in the Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambs (Herts??) area ...
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