Keefy's Speaker Sell-Off

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OK I admit it, I'm never going to need ALL these speakers. Prices include delivery to mainland UK in proper boxes. All in good working order.

(1) Celestion G12E-50 (made for Line 6 amps) - 50w 12in 4ohm £20 SOLD

From a Spider III combo. I thought this might be crap but I tried it briefly with my Princeton and it sounds ok!

(2) Peavey Sheffield Model 1230 - 75W 12in 8ohm £25

Apparently a 'British voiced' speaker. I expect it would still work after a nuclear war! Continuous power rating based on what I could find online. BIG magnet!

(3) HH Invader 10-35-G8 - 35W 10in 8ohm £20

From a Laney LC15 combo

(4) Celestion Ten 30 G10R-30 - 30W 10in 8ohm £20

From a Fender Princeton '68 Custom combo

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