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New everything week..... or so it feels like.

In the last 7 days, I have taken ownership of:

1 x Neumann KH750 sub
1 x Focusrite Scarlet 18i20
1 x Pair Senny HD650s
1 x 3 meter balanced cable for said sennies
1 x Ifi ZenCan Headphone amp
1 x copy of Diva VA VST
1 x copy of voltage modular - errr modular synth VST

and tomorrow comes

1 x MA1 Neumann calibration mic and software licence 
1 x Argon8 synth (primarily as a midi controller for the VSTs during sound design, compact 37 key with after touch and every knob sends CCs to control VSTs  - but a wavetable synth engine on top).

I did get rid of something - my Yamaha HS8 Sub that was replaced by the KH... for nothing to a band mate.

I think im over compensating..... Broke my arm (left radius) on Saturday so will be at home for 4 weeks or so.... i need toys I can play with.
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