A couple new pieces from me

Here are a couple new pieces from me:

Instrumental track where I did hire a drummer to re-record that part:


Gear used: Modal 008, Modal 002R, Absynth, Gray Guitars Emperor, Melancon Tele, Danplifier 5E3 mini, Bludotone Bludo-Drive, Fender Twinolux, Mesa Mark IIB, 90's Fender Jazz Bass, Stam SA 4000 MkII (drums), Stam SA-670 (Mix), UAD 224, UAD 480, UAD RMX

And an ambient piece I did:


Gear Used: FreeToUseSounds field recordings, 90's Fender Jazz Bass, Fryette Power Station->UA Ox, Modal 002R, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Slate Drums 4
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