FS: Rift Amp 5E3 ("Tweed Deluxe") Handwired Tweed Amp

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Hi all!  B)

For sale is my Handwired Rift Amp 5E3 "Tweed Deluxe" which has unfortunately become surplus to requirements as space has become limited and it doesn't get the playing time it deserves since it's mostly at lower volumes. I purchased the amp from a user on The Fretboard late last year (2020) but it has unfortunately not had much use since then.

The amplifier was inspected by an amp tech while it was owned by the previous owner who I purchased it from. It was not in need of any servicing, however the owner wanted it to be checked over and given the green light. It was given a clean bill of health and at the same time the tech recommended switching 3 capacitors, not out of necessity, but something that is commonly done on a 5E3 amp in order to stiffen up the power supply and get a better bass response (5E3s are known to become a little “woofy” in their bass response at higher volumes, which is not to everyone's taste depending on what pickups you use, so this is a positive change that brings the bass response under control). I have the original capacitors which will be included in the sale, plus a copy of the service invoice, and the change is fully reversible if desired.

The nice thing with the Rift 5E3 amplifier is that it also has an additional external speaker out jack, so you can add another speaker cabinet if desired, and you can change the current setup and historically correct combination of 5Y3 rectifier + 6V6 power tubes running at 15 watts to an alternative combination of GZ34 rectifier + 6L6 power tubes giving 20 watts, without needing to re-bias the amp at all, it’s just a case of switching the valves.

Running in the preamp section is one 12ax7 tube and one 12ay7 tube, which is accurate for a 5E3, allowing for sweet cleans when the guitar volumes is rolled back, and becoming searing leads as you increase the volume.

As mentioned, I purchased this amplifier late last year, and in that time I have changed the three potentiometers as one was a little scratchy, and all three had plastic shafts, so I opted to replace them all with brass-shaft types from CTS to be sure they are as good as can be. A longer speaker cable has been fitted to allow the use of an attenuator (the original one was a little too short to reach an attenuator sitting on top of the amp!).

As far as workmanship goes, I have been told Rift are hard to beat. Looking at the amplifier, I have no doubt in believing this and I can see why they are getting such a following! I'm looking to get back what the amp has cost me.

£1100 collected Farnham, Surrey, no offers or trades please. I'm happy to arrange a courier at your cost, or drive to meet halfway up to 2 hours (which I would prefer over shipping, if possible). Original packaging is included!  :3

Images can be found here:
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