Adrian Farmer 12string guitar (UK Luthier HandMade) £1250 + Collings UC1 Ukulele (sold)

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Hi guys,

I am also selling this two beauties;

1. Adrian Farmer 12 acoustic guitar

 made in England. He was apparently the luthier who has made some of John Paul Jones Mandolins.

Back and sides: solid mahogany; Top: solid natural spruce; Fretboard: rosewood;

Frets: in good condition.

It has a Fishman sound hole pickup wired through the end pin;

Weight: 2.33kg;

Nut width: 54mm. Exceptional in order to be able to play comfortably with a 12 string guitar. 

Case: Guild Faux Crocodile

Overall condition: good but it has several dents and marks. 

Nitro finish. Gotoh tuners. 

His guitars usually get sold for around £1500 Second hand. I am looking for £1250ono. My best price not including shipment is £999 not for long as I want to sell it now in order to buy something different. As soon as this disappears, my offer will disappear too.

15.08.21 - What I wanted to buy is no longer on sale. Adrian Farmer's acoustic 12 string back to £1250ono. 

Just selling it because I am not playing acoustic very often. It is a really good instrument and really well built with a good selection of woods. The finish is very very thin and you can actually feel the wood grain. 

2, Collings UC1 Concert Ukulele SOLD

As you probably know, Collings make exceptional guitars. This ukulele is no exemption. Superb quality and sound for people who want to take Ukulele seriously. 

Rosewood fingerboard. All Solid Mahogany. Made in USA.

The original price was around $1400 to $1600. I am looking for £770 ONO. 

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