SOLD JazzKat AcoutiKat 150w Amp - clean tones a plenty!

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Its a niche one this! Apparently JazzKat was an American company tying to produce something like the legendary Polytone Brute for Jazz players. This model was apparently their diversification into the solid body and acoustic market and the AcoustiKat was designed as an all round amp for jazz boxes, electrics and acoustic guitars.

In reality, it is a great clean amp that is super-lightweight, very compact and loud and with some great FX. 

And yes, it 'takes pedals well'!

I bought it 'cos I was intrigued but it doesn't do anything my other amps don't do, so moving it on to raise some cash (to buy MORE GEAR!!!!).

These were apparently $899 new (seems very high to me!) but I'd like to get back £250 delivered.

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