Tin Giants, Drummer Wanted, East Anglia, London

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I'm looking for a drummer, percussionist for our Progressive, Folk-Rock Group Tin Giants. Our lineup includes former members of Shave the Monkey, CarnaC, Judy Dyble's Band of Perfect Strangers and Kings of Langley amongst others. 

Tin Giants is a collaborative group of dedicated, experienced multi-instrumental musicians, singers and composers with a broad range of influences and we are looking for a versatile, experienced drummer-percussionist with talent, open ears and open mind. You need to be ready and willing to; pick up sticks, brushes, beaters  and whatever else comes to hand to quickly get to grips with performing the existing set of original, progressive and traditionally influenced songs and tunes.
You need to be available, flexible, have your own equipment and transport and be willing to rehearse and gig regularly. We come together frequently to co-write, rehearse and record in the Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire areas and occasionally Somerset. Potential gigs and appearances await across the UK and hopefully, North America and Europe. 

To give you an idea, some featured instruments are:
Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, saxophones, flute, whistles, keyboards, Early wind instruments, fiddles, harp, electric and acoustic guitars, basses, bass pedals, mandolin, citterns and vocals.  

Interested? Please message me here and we’ll get back to you straight away, most likely in ⅞
Cheers, Cam JCA2550 
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