SOLD Laney VC50

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Laney VC 50 fitted with Celestion Vintage speakers, Tube Amp Doctor (TAD) valves throughout. Awesome sound, especially when paired with the Peerless hardtail (also for sale). 

Footswitch included but it needs a rewire. 

Channel one a tad noisy, but really not too bad, not enough to be bothered looking for cause. Reverb works normally. 

As you may expect, postage not really an option, unless you want to use a courier company yourself. 

May consider a nylon guitar, fretless/nylgut fretted banjo, acoustic amp or stage piano/organ in trades. Located near Chester in North Wales. £225

8786-A361-8-F2-C-431-B-8-EC2-EB2-FBB46653-B 68-B8-A905-9345-43-CB-92-D6-778750-CF16-B6 47-E5-E7-AC-59-B8-449-E-8-C2-E-A80-E05-CA48-B6 938-CB29-C-1-F2-E-4-A9-B-8-E33-0-D8-C1-F2089-B4 50-A321-A0-8-CEA-41-E8-80-D7-46-ABCBE383-DE
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