FS / FT Kemper Toaster + Remote + Case + Profiles - £1,400 ono

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Kemper unpowered Toaster + remote potentially for sale / trade.

Also a wannabe flightcase; a lightweight semi-rigid case.

*over £2000 worth of kit*

Comes with a wide variety of purchased commercial profile packs such as M Britt, Top Jimi, Big Hairy Profiles, Guidorist and The Amp Factory to name a few.

In the ideal world someone with a Soldano 30, PT15IR  or some other high end, small form factor amp would offer me something.....nothing against guitars...but I have too many of those and am super fussy too, but never say never    Maybe another Vigier, or a Strandberg Fusion!

Let me know what you have.



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