Sold - Laney VC30 210 (non runner)

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It's with a heavy heart i'm listing this, partly because it sounds great and partly because it owes me around £500!

Laney VC30 210 combo with spring reverb and HH Invader speakers.
It has an intermittent fault where it just stops making sound without warning, first time my tech was convinced i'd left it on standby or something dumb because he couldn't see anything wrong with it and once he put it back together it was working fine , but last night at first rehearsal of the year it stopped about 15 minutes in?

The valves were still glowing but nothing out the front, I'm sure its not terminal but I cant afford to put any more money into it. It had a re valve earlier this year so it's got to be worth something for the valves and speakers alone, if nobody wants it on here then i'll strip it and sell as parts.

£80 collected or delivered withing sensible distance of Southampton.

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