Behringer UM2 Interface

I bought this as I only really need a method of combining guitar and voice for lessons over zoom. I'm not looking to record anything yet.

It works - sort of. However, I'm having some issues with either of the two ways I'm using it, and I'm not sure if it's me, the interface or my (cheap and bog standard) laptop that's the issue.

The original way - guitar into interface. USB mic. Both of these into Viewmeeter, and the output of Viewmeeter as the microphone on zoom. Speakers on zoom is the USB audio codec (so I can plug headphones into the interface to monitor). This all works, but I also want the audio output of the laptop to run to zoom, and if I do this then either nothing else goes to zoom, or I get an echo of my voice. This echo seems to crop up occasionally anyway.

The second method - a standard unbalanced mic into the first input, and the guitar into the second input. This way is really quiet, to the point that I can barely hear the guitar through the headphones (from the interface).

If anyone has any thoughts, they would be appreciated, even if it's just "get a better interface, that one is crap."

Any comments along the line of "Get a Mac" won't be helpful however  =)
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    For what it's worth, I've got both a Mac and a more expensive interface, and I have had this kind of issues in the past. 
    My interface is also a Behringer (UMC404HD), and it has a switch between line and instrument levels, and I need to change that to be able to hear the guitar at a decent level. No idea if yours has it. I am not familiar with that interface. Have you activated phantom power (the 48V switch at the back) for the microphone? 

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