Thoughts on the Slate ML-1 mic?

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robwrightrobwright Frets: 719
edited June 2021 in Studio & Recording
Some good deals around so thinking of taking the plunge! 

Anyone using one? 

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  • andy_kandy_k Frets: 604
    Depends if you want to go 'all in' on Slate.
    I have the 'everything' bundle, and the mics are an add on, they just announced 'rent to own' for SSD5, so they are clearly trying to do some things differently.
    I'm not sure my ears could really tell the difference between some of the mics modelled, at least compared to anything that a small eq adjustment might make.
    It is a small part of an eco system, and I wish we could have got the same deals as they did in the US when the VRS8 was released.
    I don't think it will be long before they release some monitors, along the same line as their new headphones which simulate different rooms, it is about the only thing they haven't done, but there were a lot of issues with the phones that needed repairs, so it doesn't pay to be an early adopter on this side of the pond.
    I'd like to hear how the mic performs as a basic mic, without the software, and I think there were some hardware issues with them too.
    When VRS8 launched, I think it included 3 of the mics, and full subscription for a year, for about £3k here, which isn't bad for an 8 channel IO with excellent pre-amps, and I would have loved to be able to build a studio around it, still no support for M1 Macs after a year though, and I think that is what a studio needs to be built around these days.
    The future sure seems to come quickly sometimes, other times not so fast.
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  • equalsqlequalsql Frets: 4651
    As @andy_k says, it's important to hear how the basic mic itself performs without the software. Mics last for years, but the software is only as good as the support for the operating system. How many people have thrown away perfectly decent hardware because the drivers are no longer supported in newer OS'.
    (pronounced: equal-sequel)   "I suffered for my art.. now it's your turn"
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  • robwrightrobwright Frets: 719
    Good points - thanks guys 

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  • StuckfastStuckfast Frets: 1422
    I think the Townsend Labs Sphere L-22 is a more interesting option, and doesn't require a subscription. It allows you to record the output from the front and back diaphragms separately, so it can model polar patterns as well as just frequency response. It also has some really interesting features that aren't directly to do with mic modelling.
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