Genelec 8020 upgrade options?

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Had some 8010, upgraded to 8020. One has developed a problem and needs to get fixed.... Cant do without them at the moment so time for a change, then sell the 8020 on once they're back. 

Budget up to and around £1k - maybe a little higher as I can sell the 8020s to help. 

I love the stereo imaging on the 8020, they seem detailed to my ears, but i would like a little more control in the bass. Dont have space for a sub. My room is OK, but could do with a little help on acoustic / bass traps - But on the whole, its not bad when I've checked what I've done on some headphones....

And if you know anyone who's good at repairing the Genelecs, please let me know. I dont think they have warranty now, plus I bought them used. 

EDIT - just reading up on the Genelec 8020 and this came up “One of the trade-offs is the measured bass response, which rolls off from around 60 Hz”. So I’m guessing what I’m after is something that goes a little lower with less roll off. 
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