FS - Bourgeois Custom OM - Sitka & Mahogany 2007

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Okay... this is a tough one. For lots of good reason, I need to move to smaller body, short scale guitars. This and my J45 have been my favourite guitars for a while now, and it's this one that's featured most in the studio. It has a rich but beautifully balanced tone and it plays like a dream. For me, its only fault, as far as I'm concerned, is that it is a full scale OM. Had this been short-scale, nothing would have persuaded me to part with it. 

However, there is one significant issue. It had a small hole on the top bout from before I owned it. It's been professionally repaired and in the several years I've owned it, it's never bothered me in the slightest. But if you're someone who likes their guitars pristine... look away now.

This guitar had been a working stage guitar and there's a small glue splodge inside, strap button on the heel, some fading on the soundhole where a soundhole pickup had clearly been fitted for quite a while. Since the first time I picked it up, none of these things has bothered me in the slightest, and quite the opposite, it's meant I've been able to feel comfortable taking a superb, high-end guitar on stage or into the studio without any anxiety about it getting its first knock. No surprise then that in all the time I've used it since, it doesn't even seem to have picked up a scratch.

The tuners are great, frets are good with plenty life left in them, all the appointments are high quality bone, etc. It's drilled for a pickup but doesn't currently have one, but does have a NoJack end pin that can be removed if you want to add another pick up. It comes with a standard Hiscox case that's a little bit big and that's one reason I'm reluctant to post it, at least for now.

If you want a fantastic quality gigging OM without breaking the bank, I recommend you give this guitar a try.

£2500 collected from Edinburgh or possibly meet somewhere nearish or if I'm travelling south, which I might well be soon.

PM me if you have any specific questions.

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  • camfcamf Frets: 1086
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  • camfcamf Frets: 1086
    I thought I’d posted these pics at the same time as the others but they don’t seem to have uploaded. The last one is a particular unflattering picture of the repair — when you hold the guitar you really don’t notice it very much at all. 
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