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  • andy_kandy_k Frets: 604
    What do you use WRB for? Ive had a play but for me seemed like a cool thing that didnt have a practical use 
    I have barely scratched the surface with it, but my initial default template has time display, buttons for transport, last and next marker, select track up / down, solo / mute selected track,  project Save, and I have a second tab set up for edit and record functions, ie, add marker, record arm, add new track, and a few others.
    My intention is to add stuff as I wrap my head around the concept.
    Basically, any action, or chain of actions can be assigned a button.
    This could be as basic as replacing cmd-S, which is 2 keys to save project, with a button, or as complicated as create new track, add fx chain, arm for record, and record, as 1 action.
    I am trying to keep my template (on my phone and tablet ) consistent between 2 different machines, across 2 locations, so it has got a bit over complicated at times and I want to keep it simple, but it is very useful to just be able to use the transport for example, while I am not sat at my machine.
    It would be easy to have a template set up for somebody in another room to be able to control certain things, ie a drummer could have a template to allow him some basic control of a recording session. ( his takes ), or for me to be able to control the session while I am standing up with a guitar, next to an amp.
    It really is up to you how you want to set it up, and any combination of keyboard shortcuts can be turned into simple button presses.
    The default template is set in Reaper, and the templates are accessed on the device via WRB, but I have found that editing and saving templates is best done via a web browser on the machine that is running Reaper.
    Files are saved as either an HTML, saved in the browser cache, or as a Db file, which is saved in the Reaper folder.
    It is a bit more technical than I can describe-but if I can get it to work, anybody can.
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  • PolarityManPolarityMan Frets: 6262
    The remote triggering is def a good use case but the number of times i record someone in another rooms is pretty small. For the rest the time spent switching from key / mouse outweighs the timesaving of multiple keys for me. Especially something as frequently used as save which is kinda an autopilot thing now.

    I found I don't even really use the transport buttons or faders on my BCF tbh
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  • StratavariousStratavarious Frets: 1794
    For remote, I use DAW Control remote app with Reaper..  Handy for recording acoustic or piano and jumping back and forth for takes without moving from mic.  Can mix too from it.

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