FS/FT 2x2011 MBP 13” (one working, one for spares)

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Hi there, I’ve got a couple of old 13” MBP’s from 2011 that I need to move on to try and raise funds to buy an IPad that’s new enough to use with my Jabra Bluetooth headphones when I’m on the cross trainer.


The working one is an Early 2011 model 2.3GHz Intel Core I5 with 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM, 250GB SSD drive, and it’s running Sierra 10.12.6.
Battery is pretty much borked,

comes with power supply. Case is a bit dinked & dented and it’s missing the “A” key.


I did buy a spare keyboard to cannibalise for said “A” key but I think it’s from a later model as the mechanics of it are slightly different but I’ll throw that in as well


The other (non working) one is also an early 2011 but has stock 2MB RAM and the original 500 ? GB drive, also comes with working power supply, Complete keyboard on that one so you could if you’re of a mind do a bit of cannibalisation and get the key/keyboard swapped over I guess ?

Definitely a “Project” so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of buying 

£120 plus p&p for the lot or would trade for a newer IPad 

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