RIP Andy Fordham

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Until it disappeared from the BBC - and then disappeared altogether - I was always a fan of the BDO World Darts Championship.  Along with the annual World's Strongest Man contest, it was one of the few things which cheered up that slightly miserable period after Christmas and New Year when you have to go back to work.

And when I watched the BDO, I always liked Andy Fordham.  He looked cool and a bit heavy metal with his long hair and Viking nickname, but in interviews he actually seemed a gentle soul.  When he lost all that weight a few years ago he looked sort of helpless, like Bambi.  The poor guy was plagued by all sorts of health problems and I was sorry to read yesterday that he's died, aged 59.

RIP big man.
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  • cruxiformcruxiform Frets: 1872
    I like his reaction to Bob Mortimer here, as you said he seems like a gentle guy.
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  • mudslide73mudslide73 Frets: 2339
    He shared a birthday with @jd0272 and myself so I've always been a fan. Lovely guy by all accounts. 

    RIP Andy.
    "A city star won’t shine too far"

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