NGD. One for the lefties

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breezytelebreezytele Frets: 148
A Sonix SG Special 
Choice inspired by Zal Cleminson (and Pete of course)

Sonix is a Japanese shop, who offer occasional custom orders  from Deviser. 
Guitar is specc’d similarly to a Momose 

A custom option is a blank headstock (like this one) .  

This was my first experience of trying one of those eBay middleman traders…
To my relief,  it worked out perfectly.
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  • Chris.BChris.B Frets: 128
    That's a fine looking guitar and it's good to see the lefties getting a shout.

    I find that being lefty it helps to keep GAS at bay as there is nothing like the amount of choice that that the righties have. 

    Chris - a southpaw.
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