Is Mixing what I need to learn?

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  • duotoneduotone Frets: 632
    I've found some of the Recording Revolution useful for a beginner like myself. Hope they help you too.

    How To Mix A Song From Scratch - The Static Mix

    Top Down Mixing

    Parallel Compression on the Whole Mix – the ‘Rear Buss’ Technique

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  • TTonyTTony Frets: 21823
    edited July 2021
    I'm not sure, as I use S1 Pro, but I think you get the FAT Channel plug in strip with Artist, and I can highly recommend having a play with that on your instrument tracks. It'll certainly give you a very good starting point. 
    Yup, Fat Channel is included with Artist.  I've been watching a load of Joe Gilder's YT vids on S1 and he's said a few times that the plugins in the package are pretty much all he needs, so I've been focusing on using and understanding those, rather than adding a load more plugins (and a load more confusion).

    Thanks for the links @duotone - more to watch!
    Having trouble posting images here?  This might help.
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  • Mike Seniors book, Mixing secrets for small studios is an essential read for getting a grasp on the most basic aspects of mixing. 
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