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How to post pics, PostImage

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About as easy as it could be, at least via a browser on a full size machine.

From Windows/OSX devices and iPad, via a browser
    1. Login to your account at /
    2. Click in "My Images" on the menu bar at the top
    3. Select the image that you want to embed from the thumbnails shown
      you need to see the image level options, not the gallery level options

    4. Click on the share button in the row of buttons above the image
    5. Click on the "share" icon to the right of the Direct Link option (or copy the text in the Direct Link box)
    6. Back to the forum and "paste" the copied link (or text) into the attach image/file pop-up
    Could it be any easier?

    From iPad, via app

    Not found an app to use - but the browser process is simple.

    From Android, via app

    Not found an app to use.

    Having trouble posting images here?  This might help.
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