Rick Dickinson. Industrial designer for Sinclair Research.

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Sadly after looking up some of the colleagues I used to know at Sinclair Research after hearing about the death of Clive Sinclair, I discovered that my then friend and mentor, designer Rick Dickinson died from cancer whilst in the States in 2018.
Rick was responsible for all the casings of all those famous Sinclair home computers back then. He was an amazing designer who was constrained by Clive's vision of black and square tech at the time. He was one of the kindest, coolest and most approachable guys I have ever met with a wicked sense of humour. Man I'm gutted to read of his passing.

Thanks Rick for being so kind and supportive to the young ,wet-behind-the-ears, lonely and homesick lad I was back then and for welcoming me into both your family home and circle of friends in Cambridge. You truly were one of a kind.
Rest in peace my friend.

How I remember him.
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