12 string Electro-acoustic Vintage VE8000PB12 or Takamine?

For the 3rd time in my 50 years of playing, I am tempted to buy another 12 string. For a budget of around £300 I was initially thinking of a Takamine GD30CE-12NAT. It reviews well with good construction, sound and good action. But then I saw the Vintage VE8000PB-12, ...my misgivings are its small size, being a parlour, and also the fact it has no tuner on the EQ controller. But the benefits appear to be in the action and its sound, and addiction! (and included case!)
I never used to bother singing, so my previous 12-ers were sold due to lack of use, but now I do a lot of open-mics etc and love singing blues/soft rock etc, and moreso I've just been strongly influenced with John Butler Trio songs which I spend a lot of time covering. So I'm not sure whether or not to take the plunge again, and if I do, which guitar at the low budget would give the best build, sound and playability quality. I'd be interested to hear of opinions on the Vintage 12's (I've already got a Vintage SG and well impressed with it - I have it permanently set up as a slide guitar)
If anybody has one for sale , let me know.
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