Harmony stella

So, i'm in falmouth with my daughter and she says "theres an antique/jumble shop here with old guitars in the window run by an eccentric old lady - but you'll never buy one off her she doesnt like selling things".
Cobblers, i thought!
We found the shop and amongst an old kay electric, a banjo, classicals etc there's this beat to shit stella - very worn, rusted parts, missing scratchplate etc, no price.
But kindof cool for blues/slide.
A quick flick through fleabay and they seem to be going for 50-150 depending on condition.
In i goes and enquiers, the old biddy says "well i've got a lot of interest - everyone wants guitars, and theres several saving up for it",
Me - "Ok, so how much is it?"
The reply....
£400 quid!!!!!
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