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I made an offer on an ebay auction asking the seller to end early.  never done taht before, but its all worked out great.

I paid £100 for these 2 old hofners 

Its a 1956 Hofner Congress Archtop and 1965 Hofner Vienna Classical.  both have a couple of issues but nothing major

the Archtops neck has obviosuly come off at some point, but I really see this as a plus point as i would be looking to reset anyway and the hard bit is already done.  It also has a bit of a gouge in the top i will look to minimise (or hide) and one of the tuner posts is missing - but once you look past all that its it great condition ;)

The classical is really nice.  Solid top with laminated back and sides.  There is a small section of the back to reglue and other than that it just needs restringing.  the one old string that is on there is giving off a promising tone

pretty happy with both of these
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