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Gallien-Krueger 250ML Owned by Gary Moore and there’s more….

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northern_guitnorthern_guit Frets: 57
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This is rather special.

lt was part of the Gary Moore estate auctioned by Gardiner Houlgate in 2022.
Gary loved them and owned three but this one has special significance attached to it as it was blown up by Lemmy !! True story, it was used in a French and Saunders sketch. See the image explaining what happened.
It’s a terrible sketch really ha which also has Dave Gilmore and Mark Knopfler and many others appearing in it.

A true piece of history right here. It’s just as it was when the legend sadly left us so as such, there is a button missing. 

You can see the providence in the images, and the auction catalogue with the amp listing, this is the real deal.

It does of course work and it sounds really nice. I’ve never played it loud, but at home practice level, I can understand why Gary liked them so much. Both drive settings are awesome.

Collection from Chesterfield or I can ship easily enough.


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  • marxskimarxski Frets: 261
    My neighbours has a big DDA mixing console that was used as stunt prop in a Bond movie. A crap one though… Tomorrow Never Dies.

    GLWTS I like those ML250s. 
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  • northern_guitnorthern_guit Frets: 57
    Cheers @marxski . It’s a very cool piece of history. 

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  • EioPagoEioPago Frets: 27
    Iron Maiden recorded Somewhere in Time with these!
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  • Will take an offer as it’s been up for a fair while. Forgot all about it if I’m honest. Any Moore nuts out there wants a piece of him ?
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