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FS: Callaham Mex nickel saddles set (scroll down)

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1. Fishman Fluence Classic Open Core set, black - 3 voicings

These are terrific pickups that offer two fantastic "classic" humbucker voicings - PAF and a more hot rodded (think JB) sound - the Classic Open Core set also include a very tasty indeed single coil voice now too (see last pic for info). Oh, and they're completely silent at rest too, so if background noise or hum is a plague oin your guitar life then these might well be a set to consider. They're only up for sale as I'm fortunate enough to own some guitars that already have these three tones covered plus, as I'm no longer playing in a band, the need for one guitar to be able to deliver these three tasty tones, has disappeared.
As such, this set have been removed from my new ESP LTD EC-1000T CTM and have been replaced - in service to my filthier side - with a set of EMG JH pickups instead. This means that they will be safely packed in the HetSet's box ( see pic 4) so don't think "oh-shit-she's-sent-me-the-wrong-ones!" when you see it!. Some soldering will be required to install these as, while the pickups themselves are solderless and are attached by slide in connectors, the pots, jack, and battery connector all need soldered in plus you'll need to source a switch to change between pickup positions.
**Please note that, there are only THREE original pots included ; 2 x volume and 1x tone, as well as all wiring including solderless pickup connectors, 25k pots w/caps attached plus washers and nuts, stereo jack socket, Fishman battery connector** (see pics).**
More info on the Fishman website about these bad boys:
Guitar World review:

Price: £150 ***SOLD***
inc p+p, UK Mainland only. Assumes bank transfer or PayPal F&F, so please be ready to cover fees if PayPal Goods is your preference)

*the Fishman Fluence Classic Open Core set are advertised elsewhere at a higher price. I reserve the right to withdraw them from sale here should they be sold via another advert*

2. Set of Callaham Vintage nickel saddles (Relisting with corrections)
Well, SHIT. 
Seems I listed these incorrectly in my original post which is more than a little embarrassing. Happily, the ever gracious @Dan spotted my mistake and kindly supplied me with the correct info. Btw please know, if you don't already, that @Dan is "good people" and I can't recommend him more highly as someone to do a deal - successful or otherwise - with on this forum.

These are now back up for sale and to be crystal clear these are the Mexican type of saddle (Callaham 2 1/16), so they are smaller than the vintage US version.

Price: £35  (inc p+p, UK Mainland only. Bank Transfer accepted. Assumes PayPal F, so please cover fees if PayPal Goods is your preference) 

Please fire me a DM if you have any questions. And please feel free to check my Trading Feedback (at the bottom of this post in teeny, tiny blue letters) for reassurance about doing a long distance deal on either/both of these items.

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My Trading Feedback can be found here:
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