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SOLD: Pickups, Tonerider Octane HB , Fender MIJ Jag

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Hey folks,

Moving home and need to clear some parts out that are sat gathering dust. First lot up are these pickups:

Fender Japan Jaguar pickups.

These came out of a mid 90s MIJ fender. Pole pieces have a little wear. One pickup measures 6.35k on my multimeter and works the other appears dead and does not read on the terminals. Could be an easy fix for someone with the time/know how.

£25 posted for both? SOLD on ebay

Tonerider Octane.

This one is basically new, mounted it to then realise I had the wrong string spacing so took it straight out again! Measures approx 13k on my multimeter
Alnico 8 magnets

£30 posted SOLD on eBay 

Pictures on imgur here:


Gibson T-Top humbucker. *Sold on fb*

This was purchased on FB a while back as a mystery pickup. It had been taken out of the middle position of an old Fender Strat and was painted. I peeled off the paint carefully to reveal T top bobbins! Now this in no way a collectors item as It has been modified
The good: 
It’s alive! It plays and sounds great I’ve had it in a couple parts guitars.
Bobbins and coil wire appears to be original
Magnet looks OG also
Reads a healthy 7.6k on my meter
baseplate and screws also OG
spacers look period correct

The bad:

The legs have been modified to fit a shallow strat body route, they have been cut and folded and new holes have been drilled… I’ve been able to mount it using little nuts with the bolts which are included.
The lead has been cut short at some point in its lifetime, I have used cloth pushback wire to extend them which has worked for me OK.
One side of the external wrap had lost its adhesion… I’ve used a wee bit of blue painters tape to hold it in place. Not a pro job by any stretch of the imagination… has worked ok for me though!

This could be used as is or serve as a donor pickup for a restoration project. Happy to provide specific photos if required. 

Not really sure what it’s worth to someone. £70 posted? Open to offers!

Artist guitars BullBucker set in Chrome. *SOLD on fb*

These were carefully removed from my baritone as I wanted single coils. Great sounding pickups considering the price! Loosely based on the JB-59 combo. Bridge measures 15.3k neck 7.4K Alnico V.
Come boxed with mounting hardware and full cables. I carefully removed the Artist logos on them.


ESP branded LTD bridge pickup. *taken*

This was removed out of an older LTD, 15.1k on the meter. Sounds like a pickup!

As always, open to offers. Please hit me up if you need any specific details, photos etc.



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  • T-top and bullbuckers sold.

    Fender MIJ Jaguar pickup(s) and Tonerider Octane available still.
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  • Any interest in the Octane or the Jag pickup(s) before I put them on evilbay?
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  • Bump!

    £20 posted on the jag pickups? 
    £25 posted on the octane?

    open to offers!
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