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Sorted - 12" x 8 or 16 ohm Speaker

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I have a Marshall 1912 Cab and I'm not getting on with the Speaker that came with it which is the Stock Celestion 150 Watt x 8 ohm G12B-150 . . . The Cab is for my Orange Tiny Terror Head and they are essentially my spare Amp  . . .  I have tried the Jensen C12 ( from my Princeton II ) in the 1912 Cab with a modified " open " back panel and the difference was just amazing . . . All of a sudden the Tiny Terror had way more clarity and, dare I say it, sounded much sweeter to my ears anyway . .  My budget is " shamelessly low " as usual at just £50 . . . but what speakers are available  ? ?  A 16 ohm Speaker would be OK for the Tiny Terror but an 8 ohm Speaker would suit the Tiny Terror and my Princeton II . . .   
Id just like to point out that, despite all the video and DNA evidence, it genuinely wasn't me, your Honour  ! 

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