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**SOLD** FT / FS - £1,100 Kemper Power Head, Remote, Thomann Flight Case & Kemper Bag

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As a sale £1,100.  For a powered Kemper, and remote and Kemper bag, in as new condition, plus the flight case, I think this must be the lowest price out there!

The Kemper and remote are as best I can see, in new condition having lived all of their lives till now in the flight case - not a scuff or scratch in sight.  Comes with two remote locking RJ45s and a stack of commercial profiles.

Looking for trades....potentially with cash either way - depends what catches my fancy - I tend to go for smaller form factor valve amps - I've always fancied a PT15IR, maybe a Bogner 3534, Hook Wizard....but there's no end of things that I won't have thought of.

I haven't tried a Quad Cortex, but that's another possibility.

And that's before we even consider guitars and other gear.

Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.  Shipping possible although I've heard of the internal cards getting dislodged and then people having to open them up to re-seat them.

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