Old Japanese guitars appreciation thread

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Because there's some awesome guitars out there.

Some obvious stuff, the Ibanez AR:

The 2663 (later the Iceman) - this is actually my dad's, from around 1976:

The Aria PE series, this one being a high-end model (actually from 2007 but IIRC based on their old stuff, beautiful anyhow)

Some not-so-obvious stuff now - a particular favourite, the rare Westone Thunder III:

An Aria Pro II Mockingbird:

A Greco Bich, not sure there are enough switches:

I'd sell limbs for an Ibanez AFD:

Or a Yamaha Pacifica 1221M, the rare high-end model from the early 90s:

Or, indeed, a Yamaha Pacifica 1412, the really really really high-end one:

That's before some of the beautiful LP copies that came out in the 70s and 80s.

Any other fans among us?
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