Mesa MKIV Widebody SOLD

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OK, deal on this one fell through in the end and amp has sat here ever since!!!

MKIVb widebody in really good nick, new valves a few months ago, cover, footswitch, Black Shadow, all there etc.

What has happened is that on initial warmup and when coming off standby it will SOMETIMES (not all the time) give a little pop or 2, doesn't affect its operation or performance, in fact, I've gigged the amp like this for a while and it still sounds great, which to me makes it sound like there's nothing sinister happening - it could be dust!!

With this in mind and to not rip anyone off, I'm only asking 600 for this, to ship is going to be a pain in the arse unless someone wants to arrange it and I'll try and package it the best I can - its a heavy bastard.

I also have a matching 1x12 Closed back cabinet (as pictured), will do the both for 800

No trades as I'm trying to raise cash for a possible purchase

not the best pic in the world, I'll try and get some more when I'm home

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