SOLD: Marshall Valvestate 8004 rackmpounted 40W+40W power amp

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This is a solid state 40W per channel mono/stereo power amp. It can be run in either mono or stereo and both outputs can drive a minimum of an 8Ω cabinet. This was bought second hand for a small rack which I no longer use. 

It's 1U high and has the usual rack rash associated with units like this. 

Please note that on one of the rear vents that previous owner has removed one of the metal pieces, I can assume that they were trying to improve ventilation, but that's just a guess. It's also missing 4 screws from the lid. I've taken a pic of the inside and I can't see any obvious repair work. 

The output is switchable from a liner to the Valvestate mode, which is supposedly more valve like according to the blurb. 

There are two inputs A & B, and B can be used as the mono input if you're not running in stereo. There are two matching 8Ω outputs, A & B, which can be again run in stereo or mono. I've used this to drive a mono signal into either a single or pair of cabs as required. 

It's pretty straight forward to use and the manual is available here: 

It's a heavy bugger and weighs in at about 5.4KG, but it will be boxed and wrapped as best I can for shipping. 

Cost: £95 posted. However if you can pick it up you'll save £15 on the shipping cost. 


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