99th Chord Of The Week 27/6/15 - the Holdsworth maj7 chord

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At 53:15 in the video below, Allan Holdsworth discusses his unique approach to chords. He contrasts the way a 'if you haven't been playing very long' (comparatively, I reckon!) you might play an Emaj7 'which is a pretty primitive chord'. He plays
Emaj7: x x 14 13 12 11
at 53:26 which he says is 'a really ugly, disgusting, dissonant-sounding chord to me'
then contrasts it at 53:36 with
Emaj7/B: x x 9 8 9 12
Which is groundbreaking in that the root note is at the top, with the major 7th two strings below it an octave and a semitone down. Genius!

Next week, a special contributed by viz to celebrate the 100th chord of the week!

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