FS - Mooer Little monster, valve, L-Pad and 2x10 cab. Price drop!

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£50 CAB

So it's a fantastic sounding amp. I love it, honestly. It sounds just like an ac30, it's quite uncanny, and is great for practice (especially with the attenuator) or recording or even rehearsal (I had it keep up with a drummer through this cab when jamming some lighter overdriven funk). The attenuator is a home made 50 watt l pad which is fine, it's good for knocking a few dbs off and can get to bedroom volume at extremes for crazy driven tones. I'd include the cables to connect it all up and a spare el84 too.

However, I'm all about metal and rock, and I need a master volume gainy amp. I'd trade for a Peavey bandit transtube (I like all of the transtube models, including the newest Chinese made one), or a 6505+ combo or a similar gainy combo with master volume.

The cab is a Laney gs210 older version. Comes with hh speakers, which are British made but a bit naff. They actually sound better than the 12 inch drivers, and I have used them at jams and small gigs. The cab is in good nick and is well built, would be a decent candidate for a speaker upgrade to jensen c10q perhaps.

So, anyone wanna record top quality ac30 style tones?

Just an edit: I'm based in Cambridgeshire.  I also have had a look at the guts and it looks like a solid, well made PCB - not a horribly thin, flimsy one.  So hopefully should last - I've had no issues, asides from with the attenuator which, at extreme settings, will sometimes raise then lower the volume a bit.  Basically, because it's linear, a tiny change can make a fair amount of difference to volume at extreme settings so this is where it's confused as to where it is on that setting :) Not a real problem at all.  I've just checked the valve seating and it's solid, and obviously I use it every day on minor and heavy attenuation with pedals and it works perfectly. Will come with a spare el84, too, unused.  

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